NFT character constructor

Create your own character from more than 1 billion unique combinations.



about this collection

1.28 billion options

Constructed is an evolution of NFT collecting represented by character constructor. Create your own image from 1.28 billion options, combine its emotions and style elements to create the original character. Consider the elements rarity and show your uniqueness. Share your character with other users and become collector number one. Turn the separate elements into holistic NFT and trade it.


character elements

7 types

There are 7 groups of components with 20 elements per group. These groups include skin, mouth, eyes to reflect your emotions and inner world; hair or hats, clothes, accessories and background for your style and personality demonstration.

Rarity and limitation

Elements have 6 types of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. Collection uniqueness is guaranteed not only by rarity but also by extremely limited number of elements, as we wish to please your preferences.

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Who are you in the NFT Universe?


What do you know about the Constructed Universe? Great variety of worlds with their own inhabitants and secrets beyond the imagination. Don't you want to start the journey in pursuit of finding your own reflection in this vast exciting cosmos?

NFT creation

holistic NFT


To create your own NFT from elements you need to have special key that is highly limited. You can get it from drops or market. Having the key gives you an ability to blend your elements into holistic NFT.






Beta Constructor Launch

In this version users are able to look at the elements, mix them and find the style they like


Promo Campaign

There is a chance to get one of five color backgrounds or one of three common ones from the main collection

21th September, 18:00 UTC

Main Pack Sale

Pack sale consists of 3 types of packs: standard, premium, and special.


We are here


Collectors get a possibility to blend elements from inventory into holistic NFT. Each blended character has mint #1 only.


Hall of Fame

This is our website page for blended NFTs and their collectors.


Keys Drop

It is an additional drop of blending keys


Constructor Launch

The Project

about this project

Our mission

Our mission is to create and develop a large unique cross-platform community united by one big idea. Idea of expressing your inner world and style through the creation of all kinds of characters in our constructor.

Our goal

Our goal is to capture the history of NTF and cryptocurrency, create a platform for other authors, help them implement and evolve their ideas. Bring subscribers' ideas to life and reward them for it. Make collecting fun, interactive and profitable.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to be constantly on the same page with the audience, experiment and work every day to improve the product. Collaborate with authors and projects and integrate ourselves into other collections.